Commercial, Residential, Industrial & Remediation Cleaning Divisions
All Floor Cleaning/Coating

Need “shine up” spray buffing? Stripping and waxing of vinyl tile? Looking for a specialist in concrete and stone flooring? Dirty carpets? Gerrus has a fleet of riding auto-scrubbers for very large industrial floors and small equipment for those tiny residential areas. 

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Trust our engineer-managed staff to apply sealants, waxes and other coatings to vinyl, concrete and stone.

Have acres of carpet to clean? We vacuum and shampoo carpets, furniture, and upholstered partitions.  

Cleaning & Sealing Services

  • vinyl floor cleaning, stripping & coating
  • rotary power scrubbing & stripping
  • rider auto-scrubbing for concrete
  • pressure washing, steam cleaning and chemical degreasing
  • shot-blasting, sanding, power scraping, scarifying and grinding
  • floor coating and adhesive removal: physical or biodegradable chemical means
  • paint, overspray and traffic line removal
  • acid scrubbing & grout cleaning
  • dust-proofing sealer and penetrant application: acrylics and specialized resins
  • terrazzo, granite, marble and stone

Floor coating, waxing, and cleaning services

Hardening, Densifying & Penetrating Treatments

  • certified applicators
  • silicate hardeners
  • siliconate densifier-hardeners
  • Diamond Hard specialists
  • Ashford Formula specialists
  • penetrating resinous sealants


  • acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, specialized resins
  • environmental encapsulation
  • water and water vapor-resistant coatings
  • mold and bio-resistant coatings
  • penetrating sealants and dust-proofers
  • chemical and abrasion resistant coatings
  • FDA, OSHA, EPA, USDA, ISRA, IAQA compliant coatings
  • concrete resurfacing & repair

Carpet & Upholstered Surface Options

  • carpet shampooing
  • hot water extraction (“steam”) cleaning
  • low-moisture bonnet cleaning
  • urine & feces sanitizing
  • remove mold, mildew, bacteria, or viruses
  • repair damage from sewage backups, floods, fire, soot, animal odors, or chemicals