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Hoarding/Clutter Cleaning

Compulsive hoarding - the acquisition of large quantities of worthless junk combined with the inability to discard them - can also take the form of pet hoarding or “senior squalor.”

If you need help:

Gerrus provides specialized de-cluttering; sorting and trash removal; and heavy-duty cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing for compulsive hoarders, their families, and social workers. These dangerous and unsanitary conditions can lead to serious health problems and legally-required emergency remediation. Falling over trash piles may lead to hospitalization or worse.

Hoarding and clutter removal service

Specialized Service Options

  • sensitive, discrete, prompt
  • assistanceclutter, junk, and trash removal, with or without dumpster service
  • partial or total residence clean out
  • urine, feces, waste, odor removal
  • bathroom cleaning, disinfecting and deodorizing
  • kitchen cleanup and sanitizing
  • indoor allergen neutralization and removal
  • full contact sanitizing and fog disinfection
  • organization, separation, throw-out help
  • air quality improvement
  • health hazard elimination
  • organizing aid, assistance, and support 
  • support for social workers, estate administrators, and executors
  • ACAC-certified for microbial & mold remediation
  • US EPA: RRP-certified
  • ACAC-microbial remediation certified
  • chemical engineer managed since 1974