Commercial, Residential, Industrial & Remediation Cleaning Divisions
Odor/Mold/Allergen Removal

Managed by a chemical engineer who is certified in microbial remediation, our staff specializes in mold and mildew removal, remediation, and prevention.

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We also remove odors from any source, as well as remediating allergens, asthma triggers, chemical or biological contamination, poor air quality, animal dander, and other substances that can affect your health.

We offer certified services for residences, (including basements, crawl spaces, attics, kitchens, living spaces), as well as all offices, warehouses, schools, factories, and terminals.

Call us pre-sale, pre-inspection, post-sale, or whenever problems occur.

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Specialized Deodorization Services

  • pet urine and feces odor removal, cleaning, and sanitizing
  • human waste and odors
  • complete sanitizing services
  • remove smoke and tobacco odors from cigars and cigarettes
  • smoke and fire damage odor removal
  • mold/mildew odor removal
  • all biological odor elimination and sanitizing
  • carpet shampooing, extracting, sanitizing
  • decomposition odor remediation
  • oil and chemical odor neutralization
  • skunk odor removal
  • preventative environmental encapsulation
  • deodorization at the source
  • sanitizing for those with compromised immune systems

Mold Removal & Remediation Services

  • pre-sale mold evaluation
  • kill, remove, and prevent mold, mildew, and fungus with environmentally sensible products
  • clean, dry, and sanitize flooded premises
  • remove mold from carpets, walls, ceilings, floors, and other surfaces
  • treat basements, attics, residences, offices, garages, warehouses
  • remove musty, moldy smells through deodorization at the source
  • apply mold retarding treatments, coatings and encapsulants

Specialized Allergen Services

  • modern bio- and physical remediation technologies
  • HEPA air vacuuming
  • HEPA air scrubbing
  • indoor allergen neutralization
  • contact and fog disinfection
  • enzymatic digestion
  • decontamination washing
  • removal without dangerous ozone or bleach
  • remove mold cells and spores, mold-released volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and mycotoxins
  • remove dust mite and cockroach feces, body parts, dander
  • remove other insect droppings and dander
  • remove bird droppings and dander
  • remove rodent feces, urine, dander
  • remove chemical pollutants
  • meet geriatric and newborn patient needs
  • assist people with special health problems or multiple chemical sensitivities
  • reduce suffering from unexplained allergy or asthma problems at home or office
  • allergy to your residence